The WhatsApp Business trend

Hello everyone,

Glide, in my opinion should follow the Whatsapp Business trend and do better.
WhatsApp has just launched Collections (categories). The first step having been the catalog. As a reminder, the WhatsApp catalog has an identical layout for everyone: images *, Title *, description, price, url link, and a neutral field.
Glide knows how to do this perfectly and in a very simple way: both catalogs and collections.

On the other hand, for the second feature of Whatsapp, Orders., I think Glide should revise its structure or orient users with a tutorial on how best to create a simple (for customers) and complete ordering system.
It is true that each user does it in their own way. I believe we have to unify all this taking into account all the parameters:

  • add to list
  • remove from the list (we should be able to use the checklist for that)
  • the goods are unique (Etsy …) / the goods are multiple
  • add to stock
  • withdraw from stock
  • etc …
    and ideally specify the tables we should have, how to proceed, especially since it is a problem shared by everyone.

I do not know what you think about it…

I’m not familiar with WhatsApp’s model for this but I do agree that we can do better for the “buy button” flow, if that’s what you mean.

Yes, that’s what I mean. The buying process, from the buyer’s point of view, is too long. There are too many clicks. You need a form, then you need to submit the form. On WhatsApp, you type on the product, you have the Details page and an “Add to cart” button at the bottom. It is done.
I’m not even talking about the buy button … I’m just talking about putting the product in the cart. Buying, especially on the Internet is impulsive, emotional. The more clicks there are, the more pages that open etc … the more you increase your chances of not making the sale.

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I’m not that familiar with WhatsApp generally as I’m not a big fan.

I do think the cart & buying features in Glide need some love, i.e. especially Stripe subscriptions and ability for users to manage their account in-app as Stripe now offers a customer portal API.

Glide’s own courses Pro app itself would be an immediate beneficiary of this.

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