The RowID column that isn't

Anyone else noticed that occasionally when you create a RowID column it isn’t created correctly, and winds up being a Basic Text column?

This only just started happening recently. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes.

@mark @jason

Support Link for an app where it’s happened recently.

Update: I guess I should clarify. Yes, a RowID column is a Basic Text column by definition. But in these cases, it doesn’t behave as a RowID column. That is, it doesn’t auto-populate with RowID’s.


yep, it happens to me too!
also it goes back sometimes like i would click undo… and elements disappears sometimes… and data is not showing in editor

Yes I see this from time to time



But for me the RowId is working fine
(well for the moment :thinking:)

@Darren_Murphy In that app from the support link, which table did it happen in?

The afflicted table was Accidents

…but I think I may have already deleted the column and added it again

It’s happened to me before too…rarely, but it did.

Actually @mark, if you look at that Accidents table now, there is a Basic column (Basic/Updated By ID) that thinks it is a RowID column. ie. it’s full of RowID’s

You see that right now? Because it’s empty for me…

I did, but after navigating to the dashboard and then opening the app in the builder again, it’s now normal.

But, I also took a screenshot of the Google Sheet earlier on:

You can see it there - with RowID’s in column A, and in Column J :man_shrugging:

How often does it happen that you create a Row ID column and it becomes a text column?

Not often, very random, i don’t remember what i was doing before that happened

We’ll fix it, but it’ll be a few weeks. In the mean time, if you reload Glide, you should see that the Row ID column is actually a Row ID column. If not, let me know.


What i always do is to delete that column in GS and make a new one

Thanks Mark :+1: