The page's deep link

Is it possible to create an automatic column that displays the page’s deep link?
Additionally, is it possible to rename the deep-link domain name?

At the moment, it’s not possible.
For my usage, I made Template Column and XC column that creates an identical Glide deep link.


Can you share?

Re domain link: if you are on PRO, you can set a custom domain for the project. And you can use it for deep links.

it’s a bit tricky and might require you to change the template string as you add or change app UI.
I don’t have a lot of time to do detailed instruction, let it be for advanced developers:

Template column:

{“t”:12,“s”:“free-46”,“r”:“XXXX”,“n”:“From Telegram”}

Best way to find yours T and S is to temporarily add a button on desired detail form and get one working Glide deep link. Then decode it with and get your json

For XC column use:



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