The moment I add the "Action Row" component, the screen freezes white. Is this a bug?

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hello? Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I currently use Glideapps to serve our clients.

And, right now, we’re in the process of updating features to Glideapps.

While updating the functionality, there was a component called “Action Row”, so I added it to the screen to check it out.

Then, when the added screen is accessed, the browser turns white, and nothing loads and it freezes.

Even in the builder, the screen freezes white when I access that menu.

It is currently being used in Chrome, and I wonder if it is a browser problem, so I tried it in various browsers other than Chrome, but the problem is the same.

Even after resetting browser cookies, etc., the problem still persists.

So, the menu with “Action Row” added is currently not even accessible and cannot be modified.

is this a bug?

Can you reproduce that in a video?

I’m trying to reproduce it now, and it seems to be working normally.

has something been updated? hmm…

Glad that it’s working normally! I’m not sure if they pushed an update, but if it surfaces again please let us know.