The maps component does not pull the correct address

  1. In the map preview section, it pulls the wrong location even with the full address, including zip code. For instance the locations are in San Diego, but the micro view of the map is in Spain.
  2. When you tap on the address to pull it up in Google maps, it doesn’t even open the maps with the address.

You can try using coordinates instead.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it used to work with the address. Also I’m using the address and map as references for people to find.

Is your map pointing to the address column? Can you show screenshots of your map settings and the values you have in the address column?


Here’s the screenshot of the map setting pointing to the address column.
The address is in San Diego, but the micro map pulls up another country. Also when I tap on the address it doesn’t take me to the address at all; it just pulls up Google maps.

I have the same problem with my map.

I’m also having the same issue as well. Curious if a workaround or fix has surfaced?

@Step_By_Step_Run_Co I tried that same address and it pulls up the map with the correct location for me. Unless something has changed in the past couple of months. I know mapbox will sometimes have trouble geocoding addresses and is very particular about how it should be entered. That’s why coordinates are a lot safer. When you say that it open’s google maps and doesn’t take you to the address, can you clarify what you mean? It is expected behavior for the map to open the default map app on your device…or google maps. I’m not sure what you mean when when you say it should take you to the address. Looking at your app again, it seems to be working correctly.

@Luke_Dyer @John_Good Same for you with mapbox’s ability to geocode the address. If you have addresses you can share, we can see if it’s formatted correctly. Also make sure the map is pointing to the address column.

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