The loading indicator when my app launches has disappeared in both dark and light modes

The loading indicator when my app launches has disappeared in both dark and light modes leaving the user not knowing what is happening momentarily until the list of items suddenly appear on screen.

I don’t believe I have disabled it, is there a way to re-enable it?

Maybe something changed due to a request from @JWhiteside but just guessing.

Image loading circle / Image box placeholders

I wish, not doing it on my end lol.

@david I wasn hoping you may be able to assist, I have launched my app and have more and more users using the app hence more and more data to fetch and thus a loading indicator is a critical part of an apps UI to communicate that something is happening in the background.

I have duplicated the same app with the same sheet, I have also created a new app with a new sheet and the problem still persists.

any ideas?

Can you show me?

This screen recording shows opening two apps both dark scheme set, the first Vivid Japan opens and displays the loading indicator. The second app Vivid Mawson Lakes not displaying the indicator and momentarily showing a blank screen until the list is loaded suddenly

I see! We will improve this.

If it helps to visualise, here is the link to my live app Vivid Mawson Lakes

Hi David - any ideas how I can fix the issue with my app not displaying the loading indicator?

I’ve had some users report a bug thinking that the app is freezing.

Really appreciate your support on this please.

@david with the usage of the app growing more and more content is being generated and thus I need to ensure that the user experience is smooth.

In the scheme of things this looks to be a minor issue and but it is critical in ensuring that the user experience is smooth - any suggestions how i can fix this?

Hi David - sorry to bother again, but I hope for a response regarding this issue.

Again my user-base is increasing and need to ensure that the loading indicator works for batter user experience.

I hear you. We’re looking into it. If your userbase is growing, it sounds like things are going well despite this issue!

User base and content are two separate things.

User base may be growing and expect that content will grow soon. Currently the number of items are relatively loading quick enough with a momentarily paused. This will take longer as more content is created.