App Loading Icon

Has anyone figured out how to place a loading icon or gif until the app fully loads? My app loads in pieces when launched and isn’t a good look. Happens when I come back to that tab as well.


Anyone else experiencing a slow loading, compoenent by component app?

To my knowledge there’s no way to mitigate this or to modify the login icon until the app fully loads. I think that you probably have “too much” data so that your app is loading slowly…

I have about 30-35 compoenents on the home screen, could that be the issue?

The icon also stops spinning before everything loads, so the user sees the app loading component by compoenent.

Well, that’s a lot so probably this consumes quite a lot of data. What about your sheets ? Did you try to delete all the empty rows ?

Oh, empty rows can cause this?

Yes, if you delete them you’ll immediately feel a difference!

Ok I will try! Thank you!

Would anyone know how to apply this glaring affect when launching an app? Would make for a better user exp. Thanks!

Deleted a bunch of rows, still pretty laggy.

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Does anyone have anything else they do to help with components loading one by one slowly? And what the user sees?