The Innovation Station

Most of the time I make Dutch apps, they are contentwise not very interesting to you. This time it might be different. An app for The Innovation Station with 12 stories of change packed with 60 video. Enjoy.


I really like it and can imagine making something similar.

If you want to change the order of the videos do you need to shuffle them on your sheet? My brain went to sleep over the holidays.

In this case the idea is:

  • General title
  • General description
  • Title video 1
  • Description video 1
  • Url video 1
  • Title video 2
  • Description video 2
  • Url video 2
  • Etcetera
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This is awesome. Is there anyway you can share your sheet structure. I’m trying to do something very similar for meditation, but using inline lists, I"m having trouble getting descriptions above and below. It seems like you’ve solved this, please describe your approach. Much appreciated if you can!!

I made the app shareable now so you can have a look around!

Bedankt! I will share my rebuild once its finished!