Utrecht City App

Hi all,
I have a group of 15 people doing my (Dutch) course 4 apps in 4 weeks where I let people build an app a week, focussing on different aspects of Glide every week. Week 1 was stories, week 2 location, week 3 will be persons. I wanted to share the Utrecht app someone made. Planning to come to Holland and visit Utrecht? Here is an app for you!


Nice clean design, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for Sharing. Tried to copy the app but kept on getting

Oh sheet!

An error occurred duplicating the app.

This is nice (especially from a student!)

I am planning on teaching a Glide Class also. Do you have an APP for your APP class?

I am working on building an app that my students can share their apps … it is a real thought process.

I always do it like this: announce a course, then sell it and then make it in the same period of the course together with a community for the users. So I’m finished when they are and then keep on selling :wink:
In this case I make a videocourse, every lesson is 40 minutes and starts with a general part and finishes with realtime building an app. So they see and hear what I do. Plus I share Google Sheet so they can do what I do.

Making an app for the course is a good idea, should that maybe do next time!

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Another pupil in the course lives in Wales where they have a lot of flood problems. That’s why he is working on Flood Watch. He says putting a pin on the map by a user would be big help. @Mark Is it something that’s on your roadmap for the foreseeable future?

Hey, I am trying to create a similar app for myself. Would it be possible to see what the spreadsheet of this app is set up like? I want to create a travel wish list app where I want to categorize spots by country but I am not sure how to do this

If you make a spreadsheet where one of the columns is ‘country’ and then make inline lists where you filter on country = X you can do that easily!