The email address doesn't have access to this app. Please try another

I recently upgraded to a Private Pro plan for my app. I added a new sheet for emails, and set that list to the email list. When I open the app, I get the “The email address doesn’t have access to this app. Please try another.” Message. I can’t even access it using my original glide email. Am I doing something wrong?

Is your email in the sheet with the allowed email addresses? Can you share a screenshot of your Privacy settings?

My account email isn’t in the sheet, but the test one is and it’s still not picking up on that one.

Can you check for any typos or trailing space in the Sheet?

I checked for trailing spaces…none.

I copy any pasted the email, so there’s no typos…Does the column need to have a header or something?

For anyone having this issue, the sheet skips the first row, treating is a header. It doesn’t seem to do anything, but only starts reading the second row in the sheet.

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It is the default behaviour, you need to have a header row.

Ya, but this isn’t documented anywhere is it…how was I supposed to know that lol?