The column displayed a value from another column

Hello everybody
I’m dealing with glide here

My question arose with
versions and rollbacks to the
original version. I would like to
have such a possibility, where
to write?

Also observed errors with
columns. I don’t understand
how this happened when using
the format of the relation
column and specifying the
value. The column displayed a
value from another column. To
fix this, I had to delete the tab
in the table and copy the new
one and transfer the data.
There was no desire to
communicate to those support
in order to wait for a decision.
Has anyone come across this?

Р.З. Sorry for your eyes) The
text was created using Google
Translate. I think I will improve
my English soon

This is not currently available, I’m not sure if Glide can do this for you if you contact support.

The relation column intends to show you that it finds something that matches what you try to “relate” to. It picks (seemingly) a random column from the target sheet and display them. I agree it might be confusing in some cases where it returns a column where you have no value, but if you want to target a specific column and use it, use a lookup on top of the relation.