Text/Phone/etc fields background is now transparent everywhere

Hey there Dear Glide Community!
First of all GG for the great work here!

I’ve encountered a graphical issue some days ago, still occurring. It seems that some sort of Glide UI update changed the background of all input fields (text, phone, email, etc) from plain white to transparent. This messed up some pages where I used Containers with Images as background.

Is there a reason for this?
And if someone knows, there’s a way to customize the background of an input field and keep using the Glide component? (or a way to tell the app to use the previous styling, the one with white input fields)

Thanks again!

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Can you show us some screenshots of the behaviour?


Screenshot 2024-02-29 alle 14.40.55

As you can see the field with that “Inserisci l’indirizzo” thing had its background white, some days ago. This seem a Glide update of some sort to me, but maybe I’m doing something wrong

Hi, Glide community,
Thank you for your work. I am also facing a similar kind of issue. The description column which used to be a small size now has a font size equal to the title column. Now the user interface also looks not as good as before.

@NoCodeAndy @tristan You might want to check this.

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Thanks for the tag, @ThinhDinh!

Yes, we’ve been pushing some UI updates in preparation for our Dark Mode launch, and overall updates to the Glide design system.

Not at this time, but I’ll share the suggestion with our product team.

Yes, this was part of the design system updates.

Hi @NoCodeAndy

Thanks for your response and for the precious information!
We’ll then change some things, as we have that graphical issue in some places - no problem :+1:


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