Text Not Fully Displaying in Rich Text Component

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Describe the bug:
When I look in the Glide backend while previewing it (on desktop), it shows perfectly. But, after refreshing, and then closing out the app on my phone multiple times, it still won’t show all that I’ve typed out in that Rich Text component.

Here’s the photo of what I see in the Glide backend (no issues there), compared to what I see on my phone, which is not displaying the full text that I’ve added in the backend.

I would make sure the app on the iphone is fully closed, and not just running in the background. Whenever I make updates to my app, I usually need to force close and reopen the app a couple of times before I see the updated design changes (I use android). Your’s may have published the partial change while you were typing. It should propagate eventually, but force closing and reopening usually works for me.

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Yeah, I did that multiple times, and usually it would appear but it kept not appearing. But, after a while, it finally appeared. It seems like it’s taking Glide a little longer though to appear these days, not sure why.

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