Text Is Shown in Card Containers Incorrectly

Hello everyone!
So, here is the problem that has appeared for the first time for me today: text is displayed incorrectly in card containers. The screenshot is below

Can anyone replicate this problem?

Do you have any special settings for that container? I can’t replicate it.

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No, there is no customisation. It is just a rich text component inside the container

The problem keeps appearing in all card containers with the rich text component inside. There was no such issue several days ago and nothing has been changed on the backend or frontend by me

If you use a normal text component, does it work?

Yes, it does

Can you show us a sample of rich text that you used?

It is happening all around the platform I am building. The text was written in the notes component. Without any edits and was earlier displayed correctly. How it looks like this

Does your setup look something like this?

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