Rich text not displaying in card list?

I’m hoping this is an easy fix and just a newbie mistake on my part :sweat_smile:

But, for some reason I can’t get my card to display my “Symbol” column? I have a “Symbol_input” that is user-generated and then gets passed to the rich-text “Symbol” column to get converted to uppercase. However, neither the “Symbol” nor the “Symbol_input” are displayed. Any thoughts?

Just a thought: do they display elsewhere? In the title, or even a text component outside the inline?
Just in case the columns don’t show at all and need some “refresh/wake up/kick ass initialization”? Is this the 1st time you fetch them in the UI?

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As L.M said, I would try a quick refresh to see if it works. Otherwise it would be weird that the value is not calculated to display on the screen.

Thank you both @L.M and @ThinhDinh! While the single “Symbol” still didn’t show up, when it was a part of a template column, it works! Actually this template column is awesome! I’m sure I’ll have more questions about it soon :sweat_smile:

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