Text entry writes only to first line of table

Hello, it’s me again :sweat_smile: I have on my page ,Text entry, and I want the things users write, to write on another line, but it just keeps replacing words on the first line. Does somebody know why is it happening?

It would be good to have a screenshot showing how you are getting to the screen with text entry on it.

I have it in Czech, but there is: What username do you want? Then upload profile pic and about me.
In the second screenshot I have line of the informations, that I have entered, and when someone enter in the first screenshot their informations, it just erase my and put there their. It wont create new row, just replace the first one

You probably need to filter your tab appropriately. This looks like a user tab, so you need to filter your screen to where email is signed in user.

E-mail is in that tab. I have it together there

Are you sure? If everyone is writing to the first tab, then typically you’re not filtering the tab correctly. Can you take a screenshot of your details screen > options ?

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Robert meant something like this.




thank you, and don’t you know any video that can help me setup that?

Watch this video made by Robert ! : Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #1: Onboarding & User Profiles - YouTube

He shows this filtering in that video here! Easy :raised_hands: : Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #1: Onboarding & User Profiles - YouTube


Thank you soo much :smile:

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