Text Entry not translating to sheet correctly

I have several text columns(as selected in the app) that when scans are made to those fields it is not being translated correctly. I have been using this App for almost a year and just in the last few weeks has this started happening. I actually have 2 almost identical Apps and it has affected both. I have not changed formatting in the sheets. In fact nothing has been changed ever and has worked perfectly until recently.

If a scan is made and this happens i have manually fix it, the proceeding scans end up being translated correctly.

Has there been an update to Glide or Google Sheets that would have caused this?

In the first screen shot tracking numbers were scanned and randomly some appeared as scientific.
In the second screen shot the first row shows what should display and the second row is what appears.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 05.25.17 - Display 1

The second issue is that sometimes when duplicating a row it ends up mostly blank even though all of the data was in the row being duplicated.

Any sort of guidance would be a huge help as researching it has turned up nothing. Please and Thank you!

I think Google changed the formatting rules, likely. Did you try to format the Google Sheet column and then the Glide column and see if it changes?