Data tab duplicating entries in one tab

I have built a tracking app on top of my main app and have some tabs just for tracking.
When I look in Glide’s Data functionality and go to the tracking tab, I find that most records are duplicated when compared to the google sheets. This is throwing off my tracking app and giving me false results.

Is this still happening?

No, it seems it was fixed the next day

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I’m having the same issue here. Seems like it might be tied to moving a column of data in Google Sheets to a different spot. But having same issue as above.

Here’s the screenshot of duplicated entries I’m seeing within Glide Data…

Any help is greatly appreciated because when I try to create a relation column within the Data sheet, it’s not showing the data I want, in fact no data at all.

And here’s what the data looks like in Google Sheets…


I was having a similar issue. Refreshing my browser window removed the old entries.

We think we have a handle on this bug, and it should be fixed by Tuesday.