Text Entry Component Not Writing to Google Sheets

On my app I have a text entry component that users will input text into. This is not a form submission but rather a text input because they will be writing to their specific row in the Users Table.

When I test the feature in the Glide editor, it works perfectly. The data writes to the google sheet within a few seconds.

However, when I test that same feature on my phone app, the data does not write to the database at all.

In addition to this, I’ve been having issues all day with visibility features related to those data cells. When those cells are not empty, pages should be visible/invisible. In my google sheets, there is data but the visibility rules are not following instructions. It’s making me think that there is a deeper bug in the system. Any help would be spectacular.

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Do you have a video of what is happening?

Please, submit a support ticket.


Thanks Santiago, just submitted a few minutes ago.

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Hi @sklamm

Have you tested this on Chrome?

Hey @sklamm

Have you noticed if the Data shows up eventually after some time?

The data never shows up.

To further explore this problem, on my app, I created a new tab that has 5 text input components. I also have 5 text components that displaying the data from the text inputs. On the app, when I write text in the input box, it displays in real time in the text component. It is doing what it should be doing. However, it is not writing back to the google sheet. It looks as if it is writing somehow to the glide database but then not being reflected anywhere for me to access it. I’ve attached a screen shot from the app.

I am experiencing this problem as well, but data entered does not show up in the Google Sheet or the Glide table. It’s on the Sign-in page for the app and it continually requires them to sign in again and again because it is no longer being logged into the sheet or the table when being accessed. In fact, I think it may have something to do with the Google sheet because I have been unable to refresh my Google sheets all day.

Hi @SantiagoPerez, this issue is occurring on another app. I received an email saying that Glide could not reproduce the problem. Did you open the app on a phone and test it to see if it is writing to the database? Also Replay is not working. Apologies for putting this public but the emails back to the help desk have gone unanswered.

Hi @sklamm,

The last email we got from you says you would record the Replay the next day. It is today that we have word from you saying that Replay is not working here on the community.

We are not able to test your app as we have not access to the database from our end. This is the reason why we need you to send us a replay.

What is the issue with Replay?

Replay did not work for me either, but I was able to record with Loom and send it in to get assistance.