Temporary variables (clipboard)

I am using accout record for storing some temporary values as filters from choice. It works perfectly.
But in one app I need to allow also this access to users who are not signed-in. Thus this concept is not feasible.
Is there any other way how to store some values in temporary variables, which can be subsequently used for filtering or set values, eg. in new form or add row?

Just use user specific column. Also works when you are not signed in - but will disappear when person e.g. is logged out

Take a look here

Tnx 4 your effort! I introduced additional user specific column in the accounts table named “FilterCatUserSpec” where I have written the selected value from CHOICE component. For signedin users it works like before, i.e. correct. Unfortunately, for NOT-signedin users it doesn’t function, alike non-userspecific column. In addition, I checked other components: simple text entry in this column doesn’t function for non-signedin users. These two components are simply not visible for non-signedin users, they are visible only for signedin users! What I am doing or supposing wrongly?

Can you show a screen shot of that FilterCatUserSpec table?

It works in the completely the same way as in the case of not-userspec column!
I.e. for non-signedin users the components that write into these columns are not displayed on the form at all! For signedin users thy are displayed correctly.

Can you explain more about how you are using it please?
You mention a form - what sort of form? native form or custom form?

Also, it’s a little difficult to tell from the screen shot, but do you have row owners applied to any columns in that table?

You can’t use the user table to store those values. When a user is not signed in, there is obviously no row in the user table for them to use, so there is nowhere to store the values. You need to pick a different table that is not the user table. It can be the table that is the source of your screen.


ah, nice catch :+1:
I missed that (obviously)


There is no additional complication concerning this funcionality:

I have the tab coupled to Accounts table
In that tab I have following components:
a) the details list of published articles with the volume where the article is published
b) Choice component for defuining the filter the published volume
The choice the user made is written into the Accounts table row field FilterBilten of pertinent user who is signed in.
Details list is filtered upon the information from FilterBilten field in Accounts table

This doesn’t function for users not signedin, despite of the fact that FilterBilten column is “user specific”, as described.

Your possible question could of course be: “Why are you not useing şimple “List” instead of “Inline list” od “Details” style?”. This is because the legacy (copy) app where I used complex filtering with 3 filter levels (category, subcategory and working group). This was done with such coimpound functionality which needs custom filter functionality rather than simple built in one.

Usually I’m using independent table with single row and only User Specific column.
If i need to write by Choice component from any place so i using custom collection ( with choice components inside)related to this single row table and fetch data to any place by single value column. Also use whole row column to write by action

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Interesting tip: so it is a kind of “clipboard” table, where you have several user specific columns for different named “variables”? I checked that now, good approach!

In this solution I have one question: is there some simple solution for accessing this single row in this independent table, I named it “Clipboard” with the row key “clipboard”.
AI am accessin it through three columns:

  1. ClipboardKey (template column containing “clipboard”)
  2. Relation to “Clipboard” table from working table using ClipboardKey column
  3. Lookup using the relation column mentioned

Then with this lookup I can access to all fields in the “Clipboard” table single row.

These are commonly referred to as “Helper Tables”, or “Working Tables”.
Check the below thread for some more examples of how they can be used, and a deeper explanation of how they work.


I’m not clear about you mean(because my English) but single value (first), also single value (whole row) is a simplest access. No?

Single-Value > Whole Row will work here.

It works with my “Clipboard” table very well!

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tnx, works!

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