Templates and Google Sheets

I am new to Glide.
I already made two very simple apps myself and used Google Sheets from my Google drive.
I have a folder made on my drive, where I have placed my sheets for Glide.
Now I was wondering, I want to download/copy a template.
Now I assume that those templates also use Google Sheets.
Does anyone know where those Google Sheets will be placed, and can I move those sheets to my Glide folder?
Are there things I need to keep an eye on?
All tips and trick are welcome
Thank you in advance.

I’m not completely sure where the new Google sheet will be placed, but it will most likely be the root directory of your google drive.

I believe you can safely move a google sheet into other folders in your Google drive and it should still work. Google doesn’t really handle folder structure in the way that we are used to. Each file has a unique ID, and it’s the ID that Glide uses to connect to the google sheet. When you move a file in Google drive, it’s just tagging it with a folder name. It’s not physically moving the file or changing it’s ID. It’s just tagging it with whichever folder group it belongs to.

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Thanks for your insight.
I wanted to know this before I start “messing up” things. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will try it later and will let know here how it went.


I can confirm this.


As promised, I have tried it.
You are right.
The Google sheet from a copied template is stored in the “root” of the Google drive.
And you can move it to a different folder without any problem. :slightly_smiling_face:


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