Move GSheet to the new Google Drive


Is it possible to move a Google Sheet, which is the data source for an app, to someone else’s Google Drive, which will just give me access to that GSheet?
In other words: I want to duplicate the application (creating a copy of the sheet) and then somehow move the GSheet copy to the new Google Drive.

I believe as long as your Glide account has access to the Sheet, it should be fine. Test with a duplicate of the app first just to be sure, though.

Yep—this works. Be careful about team Shared Drives…permissions can get a bit wonky.

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Thanks for answers. I will try different ways

Perhaps this will be useful to someone else and save time looking for an answer.

A very simple solution (I didn’t know this before): duplicate the app, create a copy of Google Sheet, then using the “Share” option, click Transfer Ownership and that’s it. It is enough for a new user to accept the invitation and the file will be on his disk.

It’s very easy once you take the time to figure it out :slight_smile:


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