Moving Apps

So, I’ve created a new Google account for my apps to move them off my personal drive so they don’t get accidentally deleted.

How do I move my apps from one Google Drive to another without losing the current set up of the app?

While logged into your old account, go into your app settings, select Privacy, then turn on “allow anybody to copy”. Log into your new account, navigate to the apps URL in your browser, select copy, and it should create a copy of the app and sheet in your new account. Finally log back into your old account and turn off “allow anybody to copy”. That’s the easiest method at this moment.

Just as an FYI, make sure to LOG OUT of Glide and Google from your personal accounts. Then log in to your new “Business” Google account, then Glide to copy those apps from your personal accounts.

Can I change the sheet a current app is linked to. When I copied my apps ~ two apps linked to the same page ~ it created two copies of the Google Sheet… I deleted the duplicate… How do I made it so the second app points to the first sheet?

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Without needing to rebuild the app

You can’t at this time. The method above only works if you only have one app tied to a sheet.

So I’ll have to redesign the entire second and third app attached to the sheet.

Unfortunately, yes.