Change of File Directory in Google Drive

I wish to change the directory of the Sheet I pull and update information in the Glide App. When I move the sheet within Google Drive it seems the Glide App cannot communicate with the Sheet in the new location. Is there a way to make sure communication continues despite moving the sheet to a new directory? Thank you all!

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Spreadsheets have a unique ID and should not cause a problem if moved unless, you are moving the file to a different accounts drive. I haven’t tested that but I suspect that could be your issue??

I’ve had no issues moving a sheet to a different directory. Like @George_B said, the key is the unique id of the spreadsheet, so I think there shouldn’t be an issue with moving it around within your account. If I’m not mistaken, I think you could technically rename the spreadsheet without breaking the connection to Glide, but I haven’t tried that.