Moving sheet to new spreadhseet doesn't work

I am moving the underlying google sheet of an App to a differnt spreadsheet. I use the “replace” sheet function in the settings of my Glide app, but it doesn’t work.

I the copied underlying sheet is identical in the new spreadsheet compared to the original (I used the “copy to spreadsheet” function in Google Sheets).

I suspect that the problem is that the Google Sheet GID is different and thus Glide think it missing when I change the enderlying spreadsheet. If this is the problem, is there anyway to fix this? Can I force Glide to pull data from a specific sheet. All the data is exactly that same. I have a LOT of fields (close to 50) that I don’t want to have to re-do,


So you’re moving a specific sheet to a new spreadsheet and expect that when you change the underlying spreadsheet, that specific sheet with the same name will have all of its computed columns kept?


It is the exact same sheet (since I copied it). And the Glide App doesn’t have a computed columns. It’s a lot of fields, but very simple.

I’m not sure what’s the behaviour for only one sheet but when I change spreadsheets with 2, 3 or more sheets with the same name as the old one it worked quite well.

I believe GID is not the problem, it will be different anyway when you change multiple sheets so gotta point back to the name as the decider here.

Well, I did some testing and the only difference between the tests that worked and different are the GID of the sheet.

Here’s what I did.

Source1 is the original spreadsheet with one sheet. This is the source of the app. It works fine. The GID of the sheet is “0”

If I make a copy of the spredsheet, called Source2, and point the Glide app to it, it works. The GID is the same, ie “0”.

If I “copy” the sheet to an existing sheet (using Google Spreadsheet’s “copy to existing spreeadsheet” function) or simply copying and pasting into a blank sheet, it does not work. Glide gives me the error that the sheet doesn’t exist.

The only difference between those that work and don’t is the GID. It’s like if the GID is not “0” then Glide can’t “see” it.

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Thanks for the clear explanation.

At this point I would advise contacting the Glide Support team for this.


I do not understand your problem exactly but this might be a “quick fix”.
If you open a blank sheet the GID of the first tab is 0.
Then make a COPY/PASTE to that sheet.

Yes, I’ve done that as a test, but I want to add it to an existing spreadsheet (test #3 above) and it seems I can’t edit the GID # of the sheet, nor can I edit the GID # that glide is looking for.