Template + Quickchart.io inconsistency regarding data points/data labels

Hello all, I am using quickchart.io to capture my graph as an image so I can use said image in an email template along with other tables that show various data sets. The email platform I am using is Outlook 2013 (absolutely terrible in terms of compatibility w/ certain HTML features). Whenever I have less than 25 data points in my graph, the image renders in the email… whenever I have more than 25 data points, the image will not render and just produce a red “X”. Has anyone else experienced this issue before/have any pointers? Thank you

When you have more than 25 data points, does the image show up in your app if you use the generated link?

Yes. When using 30 data points, i can still see the graph when running in my local. As soon as i promote the changes, the graph will not render in Outlook

Weird. Does it render in another email provider, say Gmail?