Can we assign custom color set on charts?

Hi. My Project is defined color, but we can’t change charts color that support for me for color change on charts?

for example, Bitumen Mile is Black Color and Concrete Mile is gray color.
Need Color

Hi all,

Do you not find that the screen load time is slower rendering a quickchart instead of the built in chart? I have the same issue my client wants green checked and red unchecked …

I use mostly quickcharts in my Apps. Every now and then there might be a slight loading delay, but never more than a second or two. I think the trade off is worth it for the extra flexibility you get.

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@Darren_Murphy you are right, its very powerful and the editing capability is very good. ive only used it once now, and presents very well - the legend labels seem to present slightly pixelated on the app interface, not sure if this is something you have picked up?

i have been rendering the graph via the image component and quickly learning that it renders much better using the web embed component - but then i need to make sure my chart sizing is configured accurately - do you have a suggested size for the standard doughnut chart on a mobile screen like this:

I haven’t noticed that, no. By default, most of the labels are a pale grey, which doesn’t look so good. So I usually change that.

When it comes to images, I usually try and match the width/height ratio to the container dimensions. For example, if I’m using 3x2 image component, then I’ll make my image 300x200, or 600x400, etc.
For the webview, the same approach should work I’d think.