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I want to create an information content app, with possibility to add in a payment option later. For now, just want to start with getting the information in first, be able to share.
Which template would you suggest?

Thank you in advance.

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Give me something to visualise like a similar info content app out there. With the market saturated with info content websites/apps, would help to know a little about the subject.


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Thanks for your time.

Not sure what is similar. The app would contain information (articles, newsletters, blogs maybe) for content to share, quizzes, booking coaching sessions, payment options for coaching and to purchase digital products. Also to create ecourses and have them on the app. Personal business app.

Appreciate your help in figuring out best options.

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Okay your very lucky…Jack Vaughan just released Insiders …buy it (only 14 quid) or watch his tutorials to learn to build it from scratch…just change it around to suit your content needs.

Thank you

Thanks so much

Here’s the link for the discussion.

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