Template is showing up blanks?

It was working earlier and now it’s showing blanks ???

See all the settings?

So the template column looks okay in the Data Editor, but not on the screen layout?

Are you using Row Owners anywhere?

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Thanks Darren, it turns out I had it enabled on the Email column for users?
I must have turned that on by a mistake :man_shrugging:t2: Or not sure if it’s enabled by default?

Yes, it’s enabled by default when you create a new project.

That is is so strange? When I turn it back on, it does the same thing?

I even tried to replicate the scenario and it still does blanks with that particular data?? What do you suggest?

I’m not sure I’m following.
Having row owners applied in your User Profiles table would explain what you were seeing earlier.
If you re-apply row owners, then you’ll see the same thing.

So how do I prevent blanks? It’s seems like Row Owners is important ??

Also not sure how the email field is related to this field? It has the same type of relationship than other fields?

Well, I assume that the relation shown in your first screen shot is relating the rows in your Gallery table back to your User Profiles table, yes?

Row Owners is a security feature. When you set the Email column as a Row Owner in your User Profile table, then each row becomes “owned” by the user represented by the email address in that row. Further, Row Owners will prevent any rows that are not “owned” by the signed-in user from being downloaded to that users device. So the relation will fail for any Gallery records that relate to other users, because those user rows are not present.

This isn’t always obvious in the data editor, because you can always see all data regardless of which user you are viewing as. But that’s the way it will work with your published App.

Anyway, I think the first thing you need to do is decide whether or not you actually need row owners. If you don’t, then the solution is simple. Just remove it. If you do need it, then there are alternative options that can be explored.

Suggest you review the docs on Row Owners, so you can make an informed decision.

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