Template data per user

When a new user signs up, I want them to see rows of data already in the app that they can edit or delete (per user data). Is there a clever way of doing this? (I couldn’t figure it out with an onEdit script since the trigger doesn’t work for a new row)

Is there a condition tied to a user field that enables them to edit or delete?

This short function is looking for the new row in users table and sets the timestamp.
Attach it to the onChange event.

function onChangeTrigger(e) {
  var sh = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  if( sh.getName() == "users" ) {
    if(e.changeType === 'INSERT_ROW') {
      var row = sh.getActiveRange().getRow();
      sh.getRange(row, 2).setValue(new Date());

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