Create a row in a designated table for new logins

To facilitate allowing users to edit their own user record in a table of users, it would be very helpful if you could designate a sheet and column when the Setting/Privacy public with email setting is selected. The behavior would be that the logged in users email would be looked up in this sheet/column and if not found a new row would be created with their email put into that column. Additionally if timestamp column was present the insertion would be timestamped.

This way when they find their way to the “My Info” or “Settings” tab, that points to this sheet, there would be this empty record for them to enter further info into. This tab would be set to filter by email so that would be the only record in view and it could be set up as a Details page.

I can think of many use cases but generally it would allow for the collection of individual user information and a general on-boarding process for new users of the app.


We want to support this in a more robust way, but you can accomplish it now using the UNIQUE formula to pull unique logins out of the App: Logins sheet. I use this in the Glide Experts app so every expert has a profile to fill out.

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Thanks. Come to think of it I have actually used this technique myself in one of my demo apps I wrote to demonstrate to someone. I knew it sounded familiar, lol.