Telemedicine app on Glide - remote covid testing for rapid-antigen tests

I’m sure you probably read this thread before but you’ll find several of our fellow Gliders who did some brilliant things with Event Picker here: 🆕 Event Picker

Sadly, I am not so brilliant so decided to go with Calendly for scheduling and use it with web view action in a button. It had the best UI/UX layout to me and my co-founder’s eyes within Glide. I also tried Acuity but the drop-down menu was too tiny on mobile and OnceHub felt too jumbled up. (EDIT: I think I’m getting Acuity and OnceHub mixed up as it was Appointlet that felt too jumbled up. Acuity was actually purchased by Squarespace but it didn’t work for us)

Here’s a great Zapier article that discusses these scheduling options and more:

although it looks like Glide doesn’t have Zaps with any of them so in our case, there will be some redundancy due to having to input an email twice (1st at initial app signup, 2nd in Calendly and potentially a 3rd for a discussion forum service). Because of this, we’re redesigning the user journey so that instead of requiring email signup at the very beginning, we’ll just allow users to peruse the app and only once they’ve decided to schedule an appointment will we collect the user emails which we’re trying to figure out can pre-fill the remaining logins.