Does somebody know how to send by Telegram my order list, I´ve been trying but is so diferent to Whatps app, thanks in advance

Hey @Aron_Fuentes

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Can you elaborate on your use case?
It feels you are more looking for an off-glide automation than an actual glide capability.

If you would like to send a notification on telegram whenever there is a new order from your glide app, you can have a look at integromat that would automate and link your google sheet with telegram


Thank´s for answer my friend, this is the case, I meant Telegram and not Instagram. could you gelp me with this dude?

I see, thanks very much Xcel, :slight_smile:


What you want is 100% doable using Integromat (Make). I did something similar using these instructions months ago Telegram Bot App Help Docs | Integromat Help Center

At some point you will hesitate between creating a Telegram group or channel and in my opinion the best is a channel (only sending messages without interactions).



Thank´s dude :).