Orders management

Hello im working on a food ordering app, first question : is there a way to recive the orders all together instead one by one ( basically in the app sales sheet i see multiple orders from the same customer but in differnt rows it’s confusing ) The second question : is there a way to get those information ( the order information and details ) sent to an email also?

Thank you.

Not possible if you use Glide’s Native Buy Button…you’ll need to build your own experience. It’s a bit complicated to explain — I just built this functionality for a client and it took about 2 hours of work. I’d start with a template (check out Glide’s field sales template for an idea).

If you run into any issues, feel free to book a time with me:

Understood, is there a way to get the order via emal instead or as a plus?

Not sure what you mean by plus, but via email yes—It requires you to send a webhook to a service like make in order to send the email.

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Awesome! What’s the procedure? I’ve seen your tutorial but it doesn’t explain how to get the order via email, it’s about getting info send it to your email. Can you help me? I’ve already signed in into Make.