Update multiple raw at the same time


I am testing Glide, and want to do this simple order app where you can have multiple products and quantity in the same order for one client

Example order
2 fries
3 burgers

The inventory template don’t do that because you have to create multiple order to do that and select again and again the customer name… Not super convinient…

Is there a solution to this ?

Thanks a lot for you time and help

A simple way is to use a 3rd party service like Make (used to be Integromat). That can create rows in Google sheet or Glide table (via Glide API). Trigger it with a webhook, passing the desired information.

Hello in the community they shared this ecommerce type app to place orders I don’t know if this helps you simply enter the link and copy the application.

Thanks Dillan, for the menu App I just copy it to have a look at how it’s build because it seem to be a part of the solution.

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Exactly any doubt here I can help you!