Task and Subtask App for single user

Hello guys,

I am trying to create an App which has Clients, Task, Reimbursement and Invoice Management for myself. I will be the only user for this App.
Right now, I am manually doing these using two different Google Sheets but since I am not very good at formulas, I am not able to link both the sheets so that, once a particular task is completed, status should automatically be changed to “Pending for Invoice”. And all the items in “Pending Invoices” per Client should be clubbed so that I can create an Invoice for that client.

I am not really able to understand how can I achieve everything that is mentioned above.

Plus I also have certain recurring tasks, sub tasks.

Can someone help me or if anyone have template for it?


You can start by copying Glide’s Task Tracker app and see if it’s close to what you need: https://go.glideapps.com/app/task-tracker-template

Your spreadsheet should probably include at least 4 sheets - Clients, Tasks, Reimbursements and Invoice Management. To link between two sheets, make sure that there is a column in each sheet that has unique data - for example client email. You can then go to Glide’s data editor and add a relation column to link two sheets together based on that information.

To change task status automatically, you can use an if-then-else column in the data editor. Define it like this:
IF task completed THEN Pending for Invoice ELSE Task Pending

For sub-tasks you would need another sheet for sub tasks. You can link those to the parent task with a relation column.

Recurring tasks are a bit more tricky, I would need to understand the use case and when they are created in order to suggest a solution.

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Thanks @Ofer_Chama for quick response. I could able to manage to link Clients to a particular task. However, I am thinking to put some “Unique ID” to my Main Tasks which can be linked to subtasks, not sure how to do it because I already have list more than 100 tasks and more than 200 subtasks.

I really liked your suggestion of using IfThenElse. I will surely do this.

Even if I create all the sheets like you mentioned, how would I add task and subtasks using single Form option?

I will create the first cut App and will show you if that can help you to explain me better.

Thanks a lot.

For a unique identifier, you can use the Row ID column in the data editor.

I don’t think you can create both tasks and subtasks in one form, but there is a “form in a form” solution suggested in this forum which may help. It’s a two-step solution I believe.

Alternatively, you can create the task first, and then add a button in the task screen to create subtasks for it.

What Ofer suggested is the way I would do it as well, but it would always require you to make the task first to make it work.

Let’s say you have a screen for a task, add a button to that screen that brings you to the “Add subtasks” screen, record the “Task” name via Columns component, then add the subtasks.

Thank you @Ofer_Chama and @ThinhDinh for your help. I could manage to add subtask exactly under the “Task” I wanted using Row Column. Thank you so much for all your help.

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Nice to hear it worked Pratik. Have a nice week!