Tally the $Total and group Orders by Order_Date

I have a sheet that contains all orders that have been processed including the $Total, Order Date, etc… for each.

I need to display a daily summary of the total amount of all orders processed for the day.

I really want to steer away from creating formulas as performance wise it can get really slow when doing complex calculations, so Is there a way to achieving this within Glide?

If I understand your task correctly, I heve managed to do it in the following way:

  1. Create text entry at the page where results are needed. In my case it is tab “Purchase statistics”, column “Date text”

  2. Create relation column that will relate the date from “Date text” with order dates in the list of orders.

  3. Use rollup based on this relation column to calculate total amount

that doesn’t work as timestamps are recorded as 2020-05-12T23:22:46.120Z so when creating the relation it doesn’t find any matching rows as it is not the exact timestamp (including hours, mins, secs).

That is why in the first point I have written “Text entry”. It can look like this: "Input purchase date (dd.mm.yyyy)


I got it, I have forgotten about one more thing. You should use “TEXT” formula in excel to make it working and to take only date from the whole date+time entry and then relate this column to your text entry column

thanks, this has achieved the objective, albeit a little clunky having have to type out the date.

Ideally, I want to have a card view display totals where ever there was a sale on any day, this is so the user could easily scroll up/down and view the total sales without having have to enter the date each time.