How to calculate Running Total as of a certain date

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I saw this post and wondered if there was a way to create a similar result, but based on the dates. Meaning, I have a table of transaction entries with dates and amounts. I would like to see a running total for the specific date in the row that takes into consideration all amounts from older dates (basically your current account balance).

Seems like you forgot to link to the post you saw.

Anyway, I think you can use a query column to query all rows that belong to this row’s user and have a timestamp that is either equal to this row’s timestamp or before.

Then use a rollup to sum the amounts.

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Please let us know if you find any further challenge on implementing it.

So the challenge with the TimeStamp is that the transaction entries will include a Transaction date already (the transactions will be bulk loaded and then trend analysis will be done).

I thought about converting the date to an integer using the formula I found here

But got stuck trying to sum the transactions for a specific day AS WELL AS all previous dates (but non of the future dates). The idea would be as follows…

Date : Amount : Balance as of this date
3/1/22 : $10 : $10
3/3/22 : $13 : $23
3/4/22 : -$5 : $18
3/6/22 : $100 : $118
3/7/22 : -$25 : $93
3/9/22 : $55 : $148