Filter within a period

can I create filter in glide for total sales within a certain period

For example: from 1 Sept to 14 Sep

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لقطة الشاشة 2021-09-19 133608

Sure! There are probably a few ways to do this, but here’s what comes to mind first:

  • create two user specific date columns to capture to From and To dates
  • create an IFTHEN column that checks if the sales date is on or after the From date, and then another condition for sales on or before the To date
  • return something like “true”
  • in your screen, make an inline list to show the results and filter it to only show “true” results

I think the OP also wants to sum the amounts of the filtered list, so maybe a couple of extra steps required, ie:

  • Create a template column with the single word true
  • Create a multi-relation column joining the template column to the if-then-else column
  • Create a rollup column, taking the sum of amounts through that relation
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How do I make Glide give me the row totals on the given date

See my reply above :arrow_up:

Haha you’re very right! I had that on my mind but somehow I didn’t finish typing my thoughts. Thanks for finishing this one off!

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I understand the first two steps, but what is the equation that will sum the rows between the given date?

The key is to create a multiple relation that pulls all the results of the search. From there, you create a Rollup column — in a rollup, you can choose to perform a few different operations on the data — count, sum, etc. In your case, sum the data the multiple relation gathers.

I tried and it didn’t work, is there a similar video that you can help me with please?

Can you show what you did to see why it didn’t work?

“Rollup” can be used to do calculations through the results of multiple relations.

You can also calculate through the Google sheet formula…

It has been successfully implemented.

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