Transactions grouped by Date

Hi, I have a sheet that has the following fields:

Product Name, Product Price, Ordered Qty, Ordered Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

As you can image, the users would have any number of transactions per date. Thus, I wish to provide the user with the option to display transactions of placed orders in a report like grouped by two options: 1) by Date of transactions, 2) Per Month transactions. I was wondering what the best approach to do so. (i.e. QUERY Function or pivot table ) and which would you recommend knowing that there will a large number of records per user.


Did you want the data visible in the Google Sheet as well as in the app? If so, Pivot tables, etc. might be the way to go. If you don’t care about the data living in the spreadsheet, then using Glide’s template>relation>rollup>relation>lookup combo would be a good way to go.

Maybe also consider a UNIQUE function in a new sheet with only the columns you need from the transaction sheet. Use that sheet for your list with relations to the transactions.