Tablet/Desktop Fullscreen Not Working

I have Pro and the feature is enabled, but doesn’t function on tablet or desktop or maybe I don’t know what the appearance is supposed to look like.

Did you enable it in your app settings?

Are you viewing the published url in another browser window, or are you expecting it to look different in the builder?

Yes I did.

I am viewing the published url and tried using a PC, laptop, and tablet and doesn’t appear to working. Please go to

" "

Add full after your link


I see the option to view your app fullscreen and you should be able to install it on your desktop/tablet. See video for what you can expect at the moment:


thanks Deena for the tip to install the app.
I did not see.
it works fine under Windows

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If we can’t find it, our users most likely can’t find it either. I’m not sure if Glide can do this, but if there were a button next to, or instead of "show fullscreen:, that would trigger the installation, that would work best! I am sure Glide is aware as there have been many threads about this topic! :grin:


I agree with you.
I would like to have installation links to offer users

1 link for tablet use or full screen web mode

1 link to install under Windows / MacOs

1 link to install under Android / iOs
(directly without going through a web page, because obviously the users do not know the difference)

But this is another story


Ha. I’d never seen that before either.

In fact, I thought the + sign, or whatever it is, had to do with screen size.

What’s worse is that is you already have something installed and have adjusted the page viewing size it shows a - sign that says Zoom and then, if you do, the symbol disappears.

Icons are not always intuitive.

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Forgot one thing…on Mac you get the app button in your dock. See screenshot.

Thanks Deena, I really appreciate the detailed explanation. This feature is nice, but my clients will most likely have difficulty doing the extra steps just for an optimal view on desktop.

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All your clients need to do is visit

We can add an option to make the full-screen view the default, but you will lose the QR code and other info.

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Just one point of view - I would not want to lose the QR code. Either way we have to give an instruction and I would rather instruct users on how to install. The click “fullscreen” button is in plain view.

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