Table View - find column seems to crash

In Table view I am using the find column search to find the column.

As I start to enter the characters it starts to filter down the columns, but if I accidently type in a character which results in a string that is doesn’t match any of the column headings, it seems to give me a blank screen and hangs/freezes and I have to refresh/reload the page and start again.

Not a big issue, but if I couldn’t remember the name so I was guessing…

See before and after :

now I will add an “s” to my search

I am using Brave browser, I have not tested specifically on Chrome.

yeah, also noticed this one day. I’m pretty sure the Glide team are already aware of it.

@SantiagoPerez are you able to confirm?

here is a video of it in action…

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Engineering is working on this.


I can confirm this also happened to me, especially when I turn on Vietnamese typing and the newest character triggered an accented character to come up.

Example: If I type a then s then in my language it turns to á. It crashes Glide.

Looks like it’s been fixed.

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