Tab Visibility

This doesn’t makes sense. I need this tab “Perfil” shows up when “LOGADO” is not empty like it’s now, but…


Support Link:

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@Mark is that related to this bug? It’s the same app

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There’s something wrong with your user profile setup. You set the Row ID column to be the email:

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Well… in this app I’m tryna build, I’m creating an username and password entries to the user get into it. I won’t use any email in this app… but, in other hand, I’d like to use the tab visibility to the user Goes to the other tab after “login” with its username and password

That’s why I chose the row I’d…

Please try it with proper emails.

But, in this app the client has this list of users but they dont use email… That’s why I’m trying to create a “login” screen with username and passoword…

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to use the components visibility instead of tab visibility… Thank you

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