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Hai, as a newbie, accidently deleted Glide Profile table from Tabs. How to bring it back. Please help. My app

There is not an updated article I think, but just select the “+” sign in the top left and name your tab, then you can set your source back to the your preferred Google Sheet.

Did you delete the table or the tab?

Yes…I deleted the profile from the tab…

Then I don’t believe you can retrieve that tab. Was it a list-view tab or a details-view tab?

Under the tabs menu, like you have chat, shopping cart etc (which cannot be deleted) used to have a profile too …which deleted

I mean did you configure your tab as a list view one or a details view one?

details i guess. what I want to achieve is that once the user enters his email in the login screen, he has to be taken to the profile section to fill in some details like name etc. before he is allowed to see other details of the app. I remember the icon looked like glide table which was linked to google sheet table with more columns.

If you want an onboarding process please check this out from Certified Expert @Robert_Petitto.

What you described here is the data sheet, not the tab though…

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in users sheet make a 2 if columns…

  1. if user email empty then 1 else 0
  2. if user name empty then 1 else 0

then make math column to add these if columns…
now create login tab with visibility if math column equal 0,
next create user info tab with visibility if math column equal 1…
next make all other tabs visibility if math column equal 2.

now all user must first sign in… then enter name…(if there is more than 1 fields in user profile to enter make if then column for each required field)

Very useful :ok_hand:

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Thank you

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