Tab - missing toptext on page configuration possibility

The top text on a page used to be configurable - and maybe it still is - but I can’t find it :frowning:

On the tab pane it is possible to specify the text to be put under the tab icon - and this text will also be shown as the pages top text.

As one can see on the image the toptext is different from the text below the tab icon. I did this change some time ago - and it seems as this configuration possibility has gone.

It’s a bit different for detail pages. You should have a control for that in the layout options. Your title is bound to a column but you can change this.

@david Thx for returning quickly - even on new year eve !

The problem is not with the top text on a detailed page.
You put in the information in the “Title” in the Action area - and it works fine. (see the picture attached)

The problem is found for pages which are accessed directly from a tab (the tabs in the bottom of the screen)
I would expect that the information should be put in at the Tabs menu - but there is only one attribute available - and that is “Label” and this label is used for both the tab in the bottom of the screen and the toptext.

I hope you can point me in the correct direction


Can you tell how to do this setup? It is working in the app right now - but it might be a legacy feature as I’m not able to setup up a new tab where the toptext/headertext and the tab text is different.

In the screen shot you can see that the text (marked with yellow) are in fact different

Sure, worked on a detailed screen but I cannot see the possibility on a “front page” used by a tab e.g. when it relates to a screen

Ah, I see what you’re saying. Could you explain why the tab name and the screen title have to be different in your case?

Sure, the header text/top text should be as descriptive as possible. In my case: all meeting rooms. The tab text can’t have as long description because of limited space. There I just put “all”. There is a lot a space in the top and limited space in the tab zone

Hope this makes it clearer