How to create all text in a tab

I want to make a navigation tab with all in text,like
Terms and Condions:

  1. Members are required ……
  2. One must not pre book….

And so on.
How ?

Try to describe it differently… we can’t understand what you need.

I want to include following conditions in my app which are all in text.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The Check-in and Check-out dates are to be furnished clearly. (Please ensure that the check-in and check-out dates are not modified frequently
  2. As per extant CO instructions, retired employees can avail the facility of Holiday Homes…more.
  3. With respect to Holiday Home bookings please note that 1 room can be booked for maximum of four (04) days. …more
  4. Employee after availing the holiday home facility at one particular destination will become eligible for allotment …more
  5. It is informed that cancellations …more
  6. Application is to be submitted in advance … more
  7. Also, the application is to be submitted at least ten (10) days … more
    I. Officers-100
    II. Class III-50
    III. Class IV-25
    Is there a way to include it in a separate navigation tab in the app which can be reached through a button or without it.?
    Or a way to open the text file that includes the above conditions.
    I hope I have described it.

How about the user agreement checkbox on the sign-in page… could that work for you?

It is ok where users are required to sign in. But I am making a public app where the users need not sign in.
I want that these general conditions should be visible to whosoever uses the app.

Ahhh gotcha. One way to do that would be with a rich text component and a ‘details’ tag… tap on details and take a look


Good solution.

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