Synchronisation de mon Google Sheets ne fonctionne pas


J’ai un problème avec mon Glide, le Google Sheets que j’utilise ne se synchronise pas dans mon Glide. Concrètement, dans “Edit” et “Data” les données ne sont pas les mêmes. Dans “Edit” la mise à jour est bien effectuée et pas dans “Data”. Du coup, je suis bloquée car les données ne sont pas les bonnes.

Ce que j’ai déjà fait : supprimer mon Glide et en ouvrir un autre, actualisé la page https://, fermé puis ouvert l’application.

Je vous remercie par avance pour votre réponse,

Essayez d’actualiser la déconnexion de Glide tous ensemble et / ou actualisez le navigateur.

Le mer. 1 avr. 2020 à 21:44, George B via Glide Community a écrit :

J’ai aussi un problème de synchronisation.
Les lignes ajoutés dans la Gsheet n’apparaissent pas dans Data.
J’ai aussi essayé en saisissant via le bouton formulaire : la Gsheet est bien mise à jour, mais pas la Data.
J’ai supprimé et recréé les colonnes Relations, au cas où, mais ça n’a pas corrigé le problème, au contraire : le lien de la catégorie au produit ne fonctionne plus.
Pouvez-vous m’aider, svp ?
Voici le lien de l’application :
Merci d’avance.

It’s highly likely your rows are added at row 501 or 1001. Scroll down a bit in the Sheets to see if they are there.

I have only 10 rows.

Yeah but can you scroll down your Sheets and see if the row you added have some how gone to row 501 or 1001? Do you have empty rows (as in not filled in with data) in your Sheets?

No, I haven’t.
I give a try by adding a row with form button.
The row was well added in 10th ligne in Gsheet.
But the Data in Glide was not updated.

Oh sorry I mistranslated that, I thought it was the other way around. Have you tried refreshing the Glide tab and press syncing again?

It’s ok about synchronisation.
The refresh button wasn’t active because the browser zoom was at 100% !

But, the issue now, is the link beween categories and products doesn’t work anymore.
When I deleted the relation columns, it broken the View details.
And when I tried to create again the relation columns for the Inline list, it doesn’t work.

Thank’s for your help.

Can you show me the relation you are setting, what is it returning now?

Here is some print screen.!


When I use filters on products list, it’s work fine.
I don’t understand.

Do you mean the Relation is returning the unique row ID instead of what you expect, or is it returning the wrong rows?

If it’s the row ID you worry about, it’s not a problem as a “relation” will return the first column in the matching sheet for you to know there’s actually something being returned, it’s not an indication that they actually return the wrong value, they have it so you know it’s there.

When I click on one category, I get an empty page.
If I go directly on products list and I choose a category via filter, it works fine : I get the right category’s product.
Is the structure of the Gsheet have to be same as the one in Data ?

You can link each category to a screen and the value of that is the relation, if I understand your situation right.

Yes, that’s it.

What I usually do is have the unique categories and their images in one sheet, then make a relation linking that to multiple matches in another sheet. Make an inline list and link each item to the relation, the corresponding items for each category will be shown.

That what I did previously, and it worked fine until I deleted relation columns, and recreated them.
May be I have to recreate all the sheet and glide ?

Did you recreate the relation with the same name as before?

I’m not sure.
I will try to retrieve the same name.

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