SXSW app

I do every year the following. I ask all the Dutch SXSW travellers to mail me notes on the sessions they visited. I bundle them and send them then to 1.000 newsletter subscribers. Collaborative reporting. Although I’m afraid that SXSW might be cancelled last minute, I’m working on an app to do the following.

SXSW attendant mails a report to me with #SXSW in the subject
Thanks to a Zap in Zapier that becomes an entry in Google Sheets
Glide picks it up from Google Sheets and makes a new magazine entry with subject / text / name / date

A SXSW magazine made with Glide that fills itself!

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So if I email you Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up music video with the subject #SXSW that will make it into the magazine? :smiley:


I will blacklist you :wink:

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