I built an app to help with event guest check-in

Hello Glide community! Really glad I discovered this tool recently and have been playing around with it for the last 10 days or so. I wanted to showcase what I built: a tool that can help event staff with guest check-in (think: concerts, sporting events, tours, etc).

Here it is: https://eventcheckindemo.glideapp.io/

I’d love some feedback, but also I’d be curious to see if anyone has ideas about the following:

  • As these are individual events, is there a way to “templatize” individual events and the information that is displayed within each? The biggest downside (for now) is that it takes a good bit of manual configuration for each individual event to display the desired information.

  • For events that have already occurred, is there a method to have them auto-archive (essentially hidden from view once the event has past)? Perhaps this is something that can be configured via Google Sheets(?)

  • Similar to the first point above: you’ll see that that bottom of each event has an “Event Feedback” form. Is there a method that exists to have this automatically generated for each event as it currently requires manual configuration.

I would welcome any other feedback, critique or suggestions! If there are other apps that have data configured in a way that may be simpler than what I have, please feel free to recommend.


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