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Hi guys,

I just finished to design what looks like a conference app. Never used no-code tools before, it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing the advanced templates. It helped me a lot.

I’m now struggling with something that has to be simple. Users can fill in a form for every event they plan to attend. As soon as the event’s finished, I’d like to have them give some feedback in a specific tab. I can do the tab and the feedback form.

However I can’t only display the events that users attend. They are all up and running.

I’m pretty sure it’s nothing but damn I’m having a hard time.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Julien_H7,
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So if I get it, you’d like to display just the events that the user has attended ? Is that correct ?

Hi Aymen,

Thanks for pour quick reply. Glad to be on board with u guys.

Yep that’s correct. As soon as they are displayed in a specific tab, I’d like the user to provide some 5-star rating on each. Fortunately I know how to do the last part. But no clue on the first one.

Thanks guys.

Hello back,

In order to do so, you should read following topics where I’m sure you’ll find some valuable informations :arrow_down:


I’m sure that this will help. If not, let us know !

Do you need an average of this to display later?

Thanks guys. It helped a lot. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on how to count the number of items in a “look up” column?


I think you’re asking the wrong question there :wink:
When you want to count rows in Glide, the usual way is with a Rollup Column.
Rollups can be applied to entire columns, or to a subset of rows within a column via a relation.

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